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The Perfect Boyfriend♥
Friday, 31 August 2012 | 0Superstar (s)!

He would scream ILOVEYOU down the halls not caring who heard him . He'll go on a walk with me in a cold weather , with hot cocoa in one hand & my hand on the other . He'll sing outloud to any song even i call him retarded . He'll let me sing outloud and won't call me weird . He'll sit outside with me on my front step because there's nothing to do and won't say he's bored . He'll let me look like crap wearing a big t-shirt and shorts and still calling me beautiful . ♥ He'll write me thousands of notes for me everyday saying ILOVEYOU . He'll come to my house at nine in the morning to wake me up on the weekends . He won't be shy around my family but acts his the part of it . He'll argue with my friends that he loves me more than them . He'll keep every single promises he makes . He'll run up and hugs me whenever he sees me . He won't be scares to dance infront of me or acts like retarded . He'll spend my birthday with me and my family . He'll remember our anniversaries before i do . He'll call me every night at right before i go to sleep just so he knows he's the last voice i hear . He'll push my hair away when it's in my face . He'll wear my favorite shirt of his every Monday . A boy who wont ask me why i feels down , he'll just kiss me on the forehead to make me feel better . He'll give me his jacket on the cold weather even if he's freezing . He'll never gets jealous bcoz he already knows that i love him more than anything or anyone else and when he says FOREVER , he really means it no matter what . (:

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The Disclaimer

HI ! Short intro . Fravlein Ulan , 15 . Kuching , Sarawak . BRAD PITT GIMONG , dearest boyfriend♥ :* welcome to my blog , my second world ;) NO COPYCATS , PIGS , DOGS OR WHATEVER YOU CALLED IT ;)

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