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Saturday, 27 July 2013 | 0Superstar (s)!

well as you see the tittle of this entry is relationship . um yeahh I might be too young to talk about relationship but yeah Im just expressing my opinion . tak salah pun an ? kite diam kat negara demokratik okayyy xP kebebasan bersuara hahahaha okay merepek merepek .

so , firstly about relationship . it's NOT ABOUT MEETING EACH OTHER , ONTHEPHONE or TEXTING EACH OTHER EVERY DAY , HOURS, MINUTES or SECONDS you know ? it's not really nessesary . give him/her a little time to miss you ;) when they missed you , they will realise how much you are important , how much they need you in their life and vice versa . but yeah , just don't ever forget to wish him/her good morning , it can brighten his or espeacially her day up and good night so that they know that they are the last thing in your mind before you go to sleep ;) most important is his/her knows that they're in your mind every now and then . and guys , don't call your girlfriend hot . they're not like temperature -.- oh hellooooo . call your girl beautiful , gorgeous or pretty instead . it'll make your girlfriend feel special .

secondly , HONESTY . yeahh kejujuran ni penting dalam sesebuah hubungan . let's just say , without honesty , a relationship is nothing . you must be honest no matter how much the truth hurts . instead of commfort his/her with your lies . sooner or later , penipuan akan terbongkar jugak kan ? and bila penipuan dah terbongkar , seriously , things will get wayyyyy worser . which one you prefer ? think wisely okay ? (: and yeah TRUST . same with honesty , what is relationship without trust ? if him/her trusted you whole heartedly , DON'T EVER BREAK THE TRUST THAT THEY GAVE TO YOU -.- if you do , well um , there might be no second chance for you . don't be stupid ;)

third , EGONESS .  damn it like seriouslyyyyy ! if you really really really love him/her , wanted a long lasting relationship and scared of losing him/her , throw your egoness away -.- your ego is the biggest destroyer in your relationship . well unless you don't really really really love him/her and doesn't scared of losing him/her , you can keep your ego . espeacially to those January babies , iknow you guys are FAMOUS WITH YOUR HIGH (I mean very very very high) EGO but please . it's for your own relationship . once you lose him/her whom you really loves just because of your own egoness , you'll really regret it . trust me . you gain nothing but destruction of your relationship .

fourth , SENSITIVITY and JEALOUSY . espeacially GIRLS out there INCLUDING ME -.- hahahaha lol (advising myself) . seriously girls (and me -.-) don't  be over sensitive or always 'cemburu buta' . it IRRITATES your boyfriend . well even we know that , " cemburu tanda cinta marah tandanya sayang kalau curiga itu kerna takut kehilangan " tapi jangan lah over sangat k ? :D

and if your girlfriend/boyfriend is ANGRY or UPSET about something with you , and they said "leave me alone" or "don't meet me" or "go away" and don't you dare to do what they asked you to do -.- again , don't be stupid guys . give him/her a call , slow talk to him/her and settle the problem nicely . or you can just directly meet him/her . don't have to tell him/her that you wanna meet them , a suprise maybe ? ;) yeah him/her heart will melt and they may not be mad at you anymore . isnt that better ? :D*clapclapclap*

okayyy that's all for now -.- panjang sangat kalau nak sambong siot . tak larat pulak nak type banyak banyak ni . so want more ? see you in next entry guys ! 

well who's this ? he's my boyfriend , my husband-to-be , my heart , my soul , my oxygen , my blood , my organ , my bestbestbest friend , my big brother , my cute , my handsome , my charming , my superman , my batman , my babyy , my bubu , my kerbau , my pendek , my abiee , my jipot and my everythingggg ! ilovehim alot alot alottt (': ♥

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