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Monday, 5 August 2013 | 0Superstar (s)!

One day , if God took my life earlier than your's . Make sure you don't cry beside me cause Im not there anymore to wipe your tears off . And while Im still here , appreciate my existance . Because one day , when Im gone . You'll miss me . My stupid jokes that may not be funny at all , the way I pinch you so hard , beat you off , being silly , my laughter , my crazy dance , my annoying voice singing , my cartoonish voice , my stupid annoying foolish silly forever young face , my attitude , my everything . You gonna miss all of that (':

And me , some particular people in my life tend to drag me down to earth over and over and over and over again until they get satisfied . Don't like seeing me on top of my world huh ? I've been patience all the way through . But one day , I might do something stupid when I gets fed-up of yguys drag me down to earth . My patience has it own limit .

I don't need people to comfort me with lies . Stop pretending infront of me , if you don't like me then act like you don't , if you're bored of me why you just don't say so , if you don't have any moods then act like you don't , if you don't feel like texting me then you don't have to force yourself . If you're angry or something is disturbing you mind , why don't you just tell me ? Don't confuse me with your attitude . Im stronger than you thought to accept the truth from you . You don't have to take care of my feelings . I can take care of it on my own , Im a big girl now .

I miss how we were back then . People change , you changed . We used to talk on the phone everyday for hours talking about anything until late night and now we're like talk on the phone once in a month just for few minutes . You used to want to be with me and now you make it seem like you're always too busy . I remember the stupid jokes and laughter we shared .

Trust in me . Why would I do something stupid to betray you , a guy that impossible to find nowadays , one in a millions of God's creatures ? It'll be like throwing a diamond and pick up a stone . Im not that stupid . Let me be first and last , I want to be the first and last . Give me the chance . You may not be my first but I really really wants you to be my last . I never felt this way before and you might not believe me . It's alright , only God knows .

And you know what ? I'll never give up and I'll fight for us eventhough one day everything seems to be worthless to fight for . Take that as my promise . Iloveyou

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HI ! Short intro . Fravlein Ulan , 15 . Kuching , Sarawak . BRAD PITT GIMONG , dearest boyfriend♥ :* welcome to my blog , my second world ;) NO COPYCATS , PIGS , DOGS OR WHATEVER YOU CALLED IT ;)

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