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She Will Be There , Bestfriends .
Tuesday, 5 November 2013 | 0Superstar (s)!

Friendship means...
A girl will celebrate her birthday the next day, she asked her bestfriend to come and also bring her boyfriend if she wants to making her bestfriend happy. The girl's bestfriend promised that she will come no matter what and jokingly said that even the heavens can't stop her from going to her house. The girl was very happy, trusting that her bestfriend will not fail her on her birthday.
On the said day, a typhoon hit their place causing heavy rainfall and thunder storms. The girl sigh, thinking that her bestfriend wouldn't make it but her hopes rosed up when knock was heard on the front door, she opened it immediately and finding her bestfriend standing on the door, wet. She asked her why is she wet and why is she alone, she said that she left her boyfriend near a waiting shed and rushed there fearing she will be late, the girl hugged her thanking her that she didn't broke her promise, after 20 minutes of fun, there was a major blackout. The phone rang, before the girl can get it, her bestfriend said said that she will get candles to lit the place for the meantime, she just nod and got the phone , on the other she heard the voice of her bestfriend's boyfriend, hearing also the heavy rainfall sound on the other line :

"Christine!Christine!...Gail is DEAD! She's dead!...we were just-we're just-just driving me driving- the -the ro-roads- were slippery-slippery the car skid-d and hit a-a-a shed post- yes- shed-shed post and...and SHE'S DEAD FOR CHRIST SAKE!SHE'S-"


The girl turned around and saw her bestfriend holding a candle and smiling gently at her:
"Didn't I promise you that i will be here and even heavens can't stop me? I have fulfilled my promise and they're asking me to go up now. Shhh...don't cry ...don't cry sweety...i'll always be watching...watching over you."
After a smile, the girl vanished out of thin air. With a smile of happiness, the girl fainted.

- I found this on my cute cheecky beautiful gorgeous cousin Natalie's(click here ! ) blog so the credits goes to her :D *clapclapclap don't forget to follow her too ;) hihi . talkin about friendship , I only have one and only bestfriend in this world name Daphne Riccalyn . yes your heard me , ONE AND ONLY . pftttt ofcourse I got many other friend but yeah she's the only person that I called TRUE FRIEND :* I love her to the moon and backso talk less and let pictures do the talkin . BONJOUR !

  Im the girl with the green watch and that girl besides me , yes thats ma bitch :*

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